"Relief of poverty, relief of illness; relief of doubt, relief of ignorance--relief of all that hinders the joy and progress of a woman."
--John A Widtsoe

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Learn a Hymn: 82 For All The Saints

We have a wonderful and uplifting hymn on Sunday that many of you may not be familiar with: 82 "For All the Saints". Due to copyright restrictions, the sheet music for this hymn is not available on the LDS web site. However, here is a YouTube recording of the good old Mo-Tab singing it.

This is one of the "Allelujah" hymns, with an Allelujah chorus at the end. YAY!

When reading this hymn in the hymnbook, note that the first two verses (on the first page) are sung in unison. The third and fourth verses are sung in harmony. These are over on the second page. Then you skip back to the first page for verse five in unison.

Don't get caught out with that fifth verse. Don't worry if you do. We won't be the first congregation to make that mistake, and we won't be the last.

If you're interested in knowing more about music, feel free to join us just after Relief Society when we host and informal choir in the chapel. Come learn some new hymns and learn more about how music works.

Meanwhile, here's a funny video of cats.