"Relief of poverty, relief of illness; relief of doubt, relief of ignorance--relief of all that hinders the joy and progress of a woman."
--John A Widtsoe

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Read Your Patriarchal Blessing

Every member is entitled to a patriarchal blessing. These beautiful and unique blessings provide inspired direction from the Lord specifically for you.

Study your patriarchal blessing regularly. Turn to it for guidance, for inspiration, for surety.

If you have not read your blessing recently, go dig it out and take a quiet ten minutes to read it. Read it prayerfully, humbly, frequently. This blessing from the Lord is deeply personal. He knows you, your strengths and weaknesses and your potential.

What does the Lord say to you? Is your life currently on the track the Lord suggests? Is there anything you're doing right? Is there anything you need to improve? What gifts do you possess? Are you magnifying your gifts? What blessings could you receive?

Treasure your patriarchal blessing. It is sacred and personal.

If you have not yet received your patriarchal blessing, ask the Bishop for more information.